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Heavy psychedelic folk from the depths of Hamlet Town

A Tree of Night is Bo Hill's hiding place, where he goes to
play his extraordinary cosmically floating homemade songs,
that sneak into your subconscious through spirals of
electric echo-slide fuzzguitars, spanish chords, floating
organ and a sparse but solid rhythm section sailing on an
electronic carpet of scratchy soundcollages and crumbs of
long forgotten trips.

The droning voice and lonesome harp of Bo Hill will take you
on a journey to a strange and stony world where
downerfolk is king and you balance between heavenly
ecstasy end endless panic.

Bo Hill is a self-taught musician, who has played drums,
guitar and sung for different bands in the Elsinore
underground since the beginning of the 90's.

Now he's finally, due to his release on Orpheus Records, on
his way to international non-stardom.

Åbakkevej 9
DK-2720 Vanløse