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No sign of a sign (orph 016) 2009

Psychedelic DIY lonerfolk from Mid-80's Copenhagen underground

No sign of a sign consists of 4-track recordings made by Morten Barfoed himself with the help of an acoustic guitar, a microphone, a digital delay, a metronome and various house utensils from his one-room apartment in Copenhagen NV during 1986, -87 and -88.

Mr. Barfod sings of loneliness, paranoia and love gone wrong

The music spans from psychedelic and progressive soundscapes to little pop-pieces that keep hanging in your ear.

No sign of a sign is a rare sight into the musical vision of a primitive genius

If you like Bobb Trimble, Syd Barrett or Mark Tucker you will like this.

Åbakkevej 9
DK-2720 Vanløse