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Du strør dit korn som
du høster din mark som du sår (Orph 014) 2008


Psychedelic horror-folk with danish lyrics dealing with primarily  loneliness, submission and death.

- "djævlebarn" is about a woman, who gives away her child to escape her own inevitable demise

- "Edderkoppering" is a 60’s-insprired folk-rock tune full of sinister soundeffects and a floaty ending recalling the flock.

- "Ud på landet" is a melancholic melodic affair ranging from experimentive disturbancies over country to trance-like sounds in a claustrophobic room full of voices.

" Er det her" and "Djævlens Horn" are blues-inspired downerfolk, that along with 2 instrumentals "Nattens stjerner", "Drømmedagsprofet" and opening track "Den sorte ged" lay the foundation for a deviant, uncommercial and thorougly homemade electro-acoustic mass.

 DJÆVLENS HORN is ARONs third record.

The style is still weird sinister songs, hallucinogenic soundscapes and a distinct lack of ambition to put professionalism before genuinity



Åbakkevej 9
DK-2720 Vanløse