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 Nicolai Vilhelm Tell

Før Lyset Forsvinder (Orph 013) 2007

Singer/songwriter Nicolai Tell is a new and unknown quantity in danish  underground rock.

 Out of the blue, or actually out of Ringsted a small
Provincial town, comes this 28 year old multiinstrumentalist.

Inspired by Alrune rod, Bifrost, Bo Hanson and Swedish folkmusic the feel is very much in the early 70’s vein. 

Nicolai Vilhelm Tell sings and plays all instruments including Hammond, Guitar, Bass, violin, drums and flutes.

Complete with phased echo vocals, real sounds and strong, majestic songs, he creates a dreamy atmosphere and an ancient fairytale vibe. 

This is the real thing, from a man who find his way into the music, naturally and free of commercial calculations of any form.
The danish lyrics just adds it all up. A long awaited LP

Åbakkevej 9
DK-2720 Vanløse