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Lotus Krokus
Drømmenes Formløse Have (Orph 012) 2005

Lotus Krokus is the alter ego of singer/songwriter Michael Marino.

"Drømmenes Formløse Have" is music that breathes magical atmosphere and fairytale and builds on journeys into a universe reflecting man's dreams as a movement towards enlightenment

The style, the lyrics and the music is inspired by hinduism, old danish folklore, acid-blues and psychedelic folk

Chanting monks, bells, flutes, tablas, tamburines and flying wah try to keep pace with the loner guitar of a searching wanderer

Michael Marino From Aalborg also plays in "Himmelvand" but with this soloproject he takes the trip over the threshold

Follow him and let the electroacoustic outbursts be the soundtrack to your inner film

All music written between 2001 and 2004.
The recordings are from January 2003 and August 2004.

In the studio was guitarist Jacob Møller and Poul Åge Hersland on flute.

Lotus Krokus travels and plays all over Denmark and can be visited at


Åbakkevej 9
DK-2720 Vanløse