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FREED (Orph 008) 2003

Unreleased studiotapes from 1970, of what should have been Freeds stab for stardom. Swirling organ, fuzzguitar and melancholic vocals. Blues, beat, rock, pop, psych-inspired by Mayall, Santana and Doors. Sounds like 1968 with it's blend of electric and acoustic material. From 1968-71 Freed toured heavily in Denmark, sweden and Germany without leaving any sort of mark in danish rock history. A completely unknown and missing piece of the very varied sound of danish underground rock in the 60's- 70's. The LP comes with an 20 page A5 insert taken from the leadsingers personal scrapbook with lots of photos, history and vibes of times gone. 140 gr. vinyl. Psychedelic green, purple and black cover art.


Åbakkevej 9
DK-2720 Vanløse