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Mental Midget
Somewhere in the lovely nowhere (Orph 007) 2003

Women and children first. Take cover. Try to hide. This is the real thing. No weak, mainstream popshit here. Real out there music from a bunch of dope crazed young musicians. Copenhagen 1983, saw one of the most obscure and strange bands in danish rock. Two concerts and one radio apperence was all this dark and disturbed constellation where able to communicate to the rest of the world. Fortunately they spent a lot of time at rehearsels getting high, playing and recording. Basement sound, drug induced intensity, long jams, demented songs, it's all here. Evolving out of the first wave of punk bands in Denmark. featuring x members of sods and Fritz Bonfils of Before, this band headed for the total freedom of musical collaboration. Inspired by Doors, Love, Hendrix a.o. they litterally dug their own grave even before seriously entering the danish music scene. The band only lasted one year. But, as you will hear on this DBLP these guys where burning up while playing. Titles like "The life of a junkie is the life of a nigger", "Paranoid wreck", "Shadows in the dark" and "Lucifer on the wall" speak for themselves. You might flip a switch trying to hear all four sides in a row. Think twice before you enter the world of Mental Midget, you might not return as the person you were before. The only reference point would be what YAHOWA 13 might would have sounded like, if they were from the start 80's punk environment. As the lead singer Fritz Bonfils said, in a radio interwiev: " In a way you can call us a psychedelic band, as we like to be high or stoned while playing".

Åbakkevej 9
DK-2720 Vanløse