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REJSEN TIL YENAN (Orph 006) 2002

a true piece of underground from the danish farmland

Vindharpen: Rejsen til Yenan (Orph 006) Rejsen til Yenan is actually a re-release. It was first issued as a cassette tape on the bands own label ÒLommelydÓ (Pocketsounds) in 1975. From the very first chord you enter a mystical world full of strange soundscapes and exotic instruments. hypnotic instrumental sondscapes and fragile melancholic folk. Gypsy violin, stoned ragas and backwards voices. This progressive, psychedelic folkrock will take you to a land of flowers and flying carpets. There are very few instances of this mix of oriental and western influences in the danish tradition. Apart from a few obscure acid-rock moments, there has never been such a prevalent use of the Sitar on a danish rock record.

Åbakkevej 9
DK-2720 Vanløse