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Life Beyond the Doghouse (Orph 005) 2002

It´s a very rare experience to be sucked into such an honest and fragile universe as Bobb Trimble´s. A space of its own, a musical experience on the other side of what people usually define as proper behavior. Psychedelic folk, real-people music, religious visions. It´s hard to label Bobb´s music. "Life Beyond the Doghouse" consists of previously unreleased studio recordings from 1983 and 1986. On side 1 Bobb is backed by his old backingband Violent Reactions from the LP "Iron Curtain Innocence" from 1980. Six years haven´t made the music more mainstream. It´s so dark and it s so lonely. The songs are desperate and have a strange dreamy atmosphere. Bobb is floating like an untouchable ghostlike entity through the darkness. And the voice... scary! Crippled Dog Band on side two is recordings from 1983. Fuzzguitar with adlib phaser. Uncontrolled microphone to all bandmembers. Punkrock attitude from first on. Psychedelic folkpunk with a lot of sounds that are really not supposed to be there. In spite of nearly 20 years in the cupboard it sounds just as fresh as on the day it was recorded.

Åbakkevej 9
DK-2720 Vanløse